Rural Health Research

Our team at Maya Health Alliance includes an active research group, the Center for Research in Indigenous Health (Centro de Investigación en La Salud Indígena), which studies how best to design and deliver healthcare services in rural, indigenous communities in Guatemala.

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Working in Mayan Languages


Around the world, speakers of indigenous languages have worse health outcomes. However, they are often excluded from research opportunities, because working in indigenous languages can be challenging. We are leaders in Guatemala in conducting healthcare and health research in local Mayan languages.

Read our opinion piece on the ethical imperative of working in indigenous languages in Lancet Global Health here.

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In The News


When will the chronic malnutrition of Guatemala’s children end?

“Maya Health Alliance’s innovative programs to end child malnutrition
September 11, 2018


App salva vidas: La tecnología llega en auxilio de las comadronas

“Maya Health Alliance collaborating with midwives to save the lives of women with smartphone technology
August 26, 2018


In the most isolated areas of Latin America microcredits are saving the lives of indigenous women.

“Maya Health Alliance collaborating with the microfinance organization Friendship Bridge to provide healthcare to women”
March 26, 2018


App saves lives of Maya women in Guatemala

“Maya Health Alliance working to save the lives of women with smartphone technology”
September 5, 2017


What’s Luck Got To Do With Health Care? A Heck Of A Lot

“Good systems can create and then take advantage of lucky circumstances… This is everywhere. That’s why we talk about global health.”
October 3, 2015


Severe Stunting: Twelve Years Old Going on Five

“If you want to break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala this is how you do it: Feed kids and feed them early before they get malnourished.”
December 14, 2010


El nuevo idioma de Facebook

Lolmay Pedro Garcia of the Kaqchikel Linguistic Community talks about how you can use the social network Facebook in Kaqchikel.
August 8, 2012


Kakchiquel Speakers “Like” New Facebook Application

The ability to use Facebook in Kakchiquel “helps preserve our language and identity”
August 9, 2012


ONG evalúan avances y promueven alianzas

“If we NGOs can work in partnership, our efforts and money will be better distributed, and the populations we serve will get the services in health and education they urgently need.”
October 26, 2011