Designing for health

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Sustainable Development

Working in rural Guatemala with historically marginalized populations, Maya Health Alliance | Wuqu’ Kawoq is at the forefront of the Sustainable Development Challenge. Since our organization's founding in 2007, we have strived to create a self sustaining healthcare framework with a holistic approach that recognizes the many layers of human wellbeing. The SDGs have been a natural fit with our philosophy and we have used them to refine our vision of healthcare in Guatemala. Currently, we are taking meaningful steps to fulfill several of these goals. Health is the basis of personal empowerment. By providing access to high quality healthcare, Maya Health Alliance helps rural Guatemalans overcome conditions that would otherwise hinder their ability to pursue economic and personal prosperity. In addition, utilizing the talent and knowledge of local healthcare professionals ensures that the resources we spend go to support the local community.   We are committed to fostering healthy dietary habits by giving families the knowledge and resources to make nutritious decisions. We offer support at all stages of life from prenatal care to elderly patients. These practices help to improve child development and reduce healthcare costs for families.   Good health and well-being is the cornerstone of Maya Health’s activities. We are committed to the belief that everyone should have access to high quality and affordable healthcare. Furthermore, we have strived since our organizations inception to break down barriers to healthcare for thousands of Guatemalans.   Maya Health works with women to give them power over their own bodies. Our organization also provides support to mothers through pregnancy and early childhood, promoting health for themselves and their children. Our staff is predominantly made up of and collaborate with women in the medical field, breaking down gender barriers and creating a network of support.   Water is the foundation of life, and clean drinking water is a human right. This is why we install and maintain thousands of point of use water filtration systems in the communities where we work.   The Maya population of Guatemala has been historically marginalized both in the area of healthcare and other aspects of society. Maya Health works tirelessly to overcome physical barriers and social stigma in order to provide top quality care to these communities. By adapting to local cultures and using indigenous languages we create an environment where every voice is heard.   Every person, regardless of social or economic status, should have access to quality healthcare. At Maya Health, we work to fill gaps in Guatemalan healthcare institutions through the provision of care, consultation, and advocacy. Along with bringing services to communities, we accompany patients to local clinics and hospitals to help them navigate the healthcare framework and ensure they are treated with respect.   Maya Health partners with healthcare institutions, and other members of civil society as well as the private sector to coordinate efforts and make the best use of resources. We partner with research institutions to measure our impact, gain new insight, and refine our strategies. We also work closely with local communities to ensure of culture of mutual respect and continuous learning.   For more information on the UN Sustainable Development Goals click here