Partnering with NAPA/OT Field School

Florencio translating Margarita’s story.

For the second year running, we were proud to work with the students of the NAPA-OT (National Association for the Practice of Anthropology-Occupational Therapy) Field School in Antigua. The students visited our clinical facilities in Santiago, Sacatepequez, and listened to Margarita, an elderly diabetic woman, discuss her experiences with diabetes.

NAPA Students with Kaqchikel patients.

Staff members Florencio and Anita translated Margarita’s story from her native language, Kaqchikel, and the group shared an appreciation of the difficulties Margarita faced, including various misdiagnoses, patient abandonment by numerous doctors, and bankruptcy from selling her land possessions to obtain costly medications. Margarita’s ill health improved soon after enrolling in our diabetes program, which provides home visits and medications free of cost. Florencio and Anita also described the challenges that indigenous people face in accessing quality health care in Guatemala and explained how our programs seek to address the problems that our patients like Margarita face.

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