Team Billy!


Hi everyone! Our team is running a 5K, and we have decided to dedicate our race to a very special patient in Guatemala: Billy.

Billy has Down Syndrome, as well as a serious heart condition. He is scheduled to have heart surgery in Guatemala City this month. We are raising money to fund this desperately-needed surgery. That includes costs for transportation, lodging for his parents, medicine and recovery time for Billy. Medical care for little Billy is going to end up costing somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000.

Our staff on the ground have dedicated about 30 days in the last 3 months exclusively to Billy’s needs for many trips to doctors, and for medication. With this race, our team hopes raise the funds for a portion of what will be required to continue giving excellent care to Billy. We stand in solidarity with Billy and his family as they deal with these challenging medical problems, supported by Wuqu’ Kawoq | Maya Health Alliance.

And we are excited to watch his new life unfold after he receives this life-saving surgery.  Please consider a donation to help this cause!  We will keep you updated on his progress, so that you can watch his life unfold, too!

Sincerely, Team Billy:  Brad Nelson, Heather Wehr, Kate Moneymaker, Emily Tummons, Brian Longfellow and Emily Bullard.

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