Patient Updates: August 1


Some very positive developments for our patients!  To continue their support, please click on the patients’ names.   Remember, even $10 can make a big difference in Guatemala!

1. Sulmi and Amada :  These delightful and resilient young women with type 1 diabetes are doing extremely well. Thanks to your funding, we were able to provide them with their own glucometer and blood sugar testing supplies. This allowed us to obtain many blood sugar readings over a period of a few weeks and intensively manage their insulin dosing.  As a result, we were able to get their blood sugar numbers under unusually good control. They are now on adequate doses of insulin, and they are feeling better than they have in years. What we need now is continued support, so we provide uninterrupted services for them. Although WK has many patients on insulin therapy, we have been asking for special support for these two women, because the amount of insulin and the intensity of monitoring that they require is much higher than the typical type 2 diabetic patient that we see. Insulin for these women runs about $1/day.

2. Billy: After much struggle to optimize Billy’s nutrition and heart medication regimens, we are happy to say that he is now growing and stable, and ready for surgery. He has now had all of his pre surgical workup and blood work completed, and he has a date for entering the hospital this month. We hope that he will do well with the surgery and will go on to live a healthy and productive life. Billy’s parents are very grateful for all the help with their child who would have died without our intervention and advocacy.

3. Emily: Is doing amazingly well. She just finished her third round of chemotherapy, which she has tolerated very well. She has regained much of her strength, and all of the swollen glands and other symptoms she had from her lymphoma are completely resolved. We are hoping for a complete recovery!

4. Ashley and Scarlet: This two little girls are doing fine. In particular we are happy with how Scarlet has been doing. With adequate nutritional therapy, provided through the generosity of our donors, she is growing well and is beginning to show some signs of improved neurological development. As we have said before, the condition that these two children have, proprionic acidemia, is extremely rare and it requires a special medical milk product that is not available in Guatemla. In order to keep these children alive and healthy, we need to import the product into Guatemala. This is very expensive, and we rely on your support to make it happen. It is worth it, though, because with this product the children can lead relatively healthy and symptom-free lives! $42 will sponsor one child for an entire month!

5. Maria: This strong woman it tolerating her treatment for cervical cancer very well. The cancer doctors decided that she did not need surgery but rather would do better with a combination of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She has had two rounds of chemotherapy treatment now, and she is set to begin radiation therapy later in the month. We will keep you posted on how things go!