Importance of Community Participation


A research study conducted by a staff member of Wuqu’ Kawoq, Anne Kraemer Diaz, was recently published regarding scientific integrity in community-based participatory research. In essence, active community participation is vital for promoting and maintaining scientific integrity, which in turn allows vulnerable populations to have a voice in important policy making. The study also reveals that such factors as external pressures, lack of funds, and lack of trust discouraged scientific integrity.

Taken from an article about the study, “the authors conclude that “active” community participation is overall the most important perception in maintaining scientific integrity in CBPR and emphasis that it is not enough to just idealize participation, but that it needs to be “realized through training, shared funding, and community trust and engagement at every step, including oversight of scientific integrity.””

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You can read here for an abstract of the research and here for a more in-depth look at the research, as well as more information about community-based participatory research.