Congratulations to our Aspen Global Leadership Network and Central American Leadership Fellow


Congratulations Ana Lopez de Mateo!

Ana is our language program coordinator for our intensive Kaqchikel language school called Kablajuj Ey.  Recently Ana was selected as a fellow for the Central American Leadership Initiative and for the Aspen Global Leadership Network. See her profile here!

For her entire life, Ana has dedicated herself to helping people in Guatemala have a better life and access opportunities. She has studied and worked in the USA with the explicit goal of gaining skills and insight in order to return to Guatemala to invest that knowledge and skill. Ana is trilingual in Kaqchikel Maya, Spanish and English. She has volunteered with Wuqu’ Kawoq – Maya Health Alliance for years as a translator, educator and coordinator of our medical programs.

Ana Lopez de Mateo (left) teaches a midwife course in Kaqchikel with Dr. Melinda Dabrowski in San Juan Comalapa
Ana Lopez de Mateo (left) teaches a midwife course in Kaqchikel with Dr. Melinda Dabrowski in San Juan Comalapa

Ana has developed different projects that have improved the quality of life in Guatemala; her projects aimed at reducing malnutrition, supporting mothers, improving family nutrition, promoting self-sustainability, and reducing dependence on domestic and foreign aid. She has worked she worked as a teacher’s assistant in Spanish at Harvard University and a Kaqchikel consultant for field methods at Harvard, Kansas University, and MIT. She also worked as a para-educator, interpreter, and bilingual customer-service representative. Ana was a cross-cultural trainer for the Peace Corps. Currently, she leads our language school and is developing a project  to create opportunities for women in Guatemala and provide better nutrition to children and families.

Ana’s leadership project is focused on Reducing Poverty in Rural Guatemala. She will establish a soy foods processing facility that will employ single mothers and provide nutritious foods for the community. Her goal is to reduce the number of malnourished children in the areas covered by the program and provide stable income for women employed in the project.

Ana has also been instrumental in organizing and developing our Futuros Colectivos conference to build a better future in Guatemala.