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An Interview with our Executive Director, Anne Kraemer Diaz,  by Article 25

For over 7 years I have been working with Wuqu’ Kawoq – Maya Health Alliance and I feel lucky to be a part of this very exciting movement that is providing innovative solutions to persistent health problems for Guatemala’s poor, underserved and indigenous communities.

I work daily to develop and lead our programs while planning for the future and thinking strategically about how to be sustainable and grow the organization. Fundraising and locating resources are very important daily tasks that help to keep the organization in motion.

One aspect I enjoy is collaborating with other organizations and discovering how partnerships with other organizations and the government can create better health care solutions. I also enjoy logistically challenging issues for our team, patients, or moving medications or supplies from one region to another efficiently and using little resources.

My favorite thing to do is work with and develop our incredible team.

Our team is creating incredible healthy futures for Guatemalans, one where rural Guatemalans are no longer forced to choose between their culture and health, financial security and health, our team is access world-class health care in their own language.

                                                         Some of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team

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