Why we Give to Maya Health Alliance


Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with some of our incredible Maya Health Allies, Jim and Linda Farley, from Texas. They have been generous team members and I wanted to understand why their hearts were called to our work in Guatemala. Here is what Linda and Jim had to say:

Wuqu’ Kawoq – Maya Health Alliance first came to our attention when we traveled to Guatemala to visit our daughter during her doctoral fieldwork.  Captivated by the beauty of the country, the kindness and indomitable spirit of the Guatemalan people, we wanted to give back in a meaningful way and felt that the complex work tackled by Wuqu’ Kawoq – Maya Health Alliance offered the best avenue.

Jim and Linda Farley, on a recent visit to Guatemala
Jim and Linda Farley, during a recent visit to Guatemala.

We have made financial contributions for the past few years and will continue since we are impressed with the organization’s ability to stretch contributions to do the most good where the need is the greatest in the native language of participants.

Of special interest to us are programs dedicated to the health and welfare of women and children.  In a society dismissive of women, we are gratified that Wuqu’ Kawoq – Maya Health Alliance identified and accepted the challenge of being health care educator and advocate for a population too often overlooked.  Their community clinics provide extensive nutritional education and dietary supplements that are chipping away at Guatemala’s chronic childhood malnutrition rate, the highest in the Western hemisphere.

In our family, like most, we have faced serious illness.
Just try to imagine the difficulty of navigating a hospital/health care system with little or no resources, little or no education, struggling to understand a physician who speaks a language unknown to you…Wuqu’ Kawoq – Maya Health Alliance helps patients in this nightmarish situation every day and they do so with respect and cultural awareness, safeguarding every patient’s dignity.
That is why we give.

We at Maya Health Alliance are extremely thankful to Linda and Jim as well as our all of our allies. Your incredible support is what makes our work possible. Thank you!