New Women’s Committee Elected in the Bocacosta


Working Together to Improve Health Outcomes
Guest Writer – Joanne Rappaport – York University in Toronto, Canada

There was a great turnout the last Saturday in May as a new Women’s Committee was elected in the Bocacosata communities. I was lucky enough to be at the recent vote. Many women showed up with their children in tow. As we waited for everyone to arrive, children ran, played and wrestled around their mothers.

The women gather to elect the next women’s committee

For about an hour, our social worker Mayra explained the committee, the 2 year term, the positions, commitment and opportunity. Mayra took nominations and the women voted by a show of hands. In the end, nine women were elected. The current president was voted to stay on for another 2-year term. This committee will work, alongside our team, caring for the health clinic grounds, maintaining a medicinal plant garden, organizing educational talks, and assisting with the day-to-day operations of the clinic.

Mayra takes nominations


Wuqu’ Kawoq – Maya Health Alliance collaborates with communities by providing the health care services they require and request. It is with the input of women’s committee such as this one in Bocacosta that we are able to help communities where they need it most. This is a perfect example of partnership and we look forward to working together to keep our communities healthy and strong!

The 2014-2016 Bocacosta Women’s Committee!