Success, Smiles, and a Saved Life


Results that Matter,Results you can see!

A beautiful success story!

Impact is important yet difficult to measure, and it can be even more difficult to really see. We are thrilled to bring you Gustavo, a baby boy who is growing and thriving because of donors like you!

In December, when Gustavo was 2 months old, he was malnourished and not growing at all. His mother was doing everything she could by nursing him, purchasing formula when she could and giving him all the love possible, but it wasn’t enough.

Gustavo at 2 months and today at 7 months.
Gustavo at 2 months and today at 7 months.

Mom could not produce enough milk to help Gustavo grow and formula costs were so high for this poor family. When she came to us, Gustavo was at his birth weight, even though he was almost 3 months old. We knew action had to happen quickly in order to save him!

We began an intensive nutrition and education intervention.  First, we learned about mom and her situation during a home visit. We learned that she had the most heart wrenching situation, she has lost a baby 2 years earlier in a similar situation as Gustavo. We quickly started Gustavo on the path to health with nutritional supplementation, education for the family, and close oversight from our team. We also partnered with our incredible friends at Watsi who helped us fund Gustavo’s life saving treatment from amazing donors like you! See here!  We are extremely thrilled with Gustavo’s growth and beautiful smiles!