Language Revitalization and Development Work


Exciting New Publication from our team on Language Revitalization and Development Work!

Listen to Kaqchikel Maya Spoken Here!

An excerpt from the publication: The relationship between language revitalization and development work should now be obvious: the causes of language shift and endangerment are exactly the social, economic, and political inequities that development organizations are seeking to address.

It is therefore crucial for vitality of the languages of the communities that they are working in that development workers address these issues in linguistically and culturally responsible ways. Otherwise, their work is likely to contribute to language endangerment.

Given the high value most people put on their native language and the pride they have in their indigenous culture, these organizations find themselves in the ironic position of working to save people’s lives while at the same time actively destroying much of what people find to be worth living for.

You can find the publication HERE!

Written by: our current board chair, Brent Henderson, and two of the original founders, our current Medical Director, Peter Rohloff ,and current advisory board member, Robert Henderson.

IMG_1029Kaqchikel Maya Language in use by our health educator Yoli.
She is discussing important nutrition information for children with a mother in one of our communities.