Women’s Health Classes

Yoli (our nurse educator) and I are currently working on version 2.0 of our women’s health curriculum–an updated version of the curriculum that our previous nurse, Herlinda, had been using to teach women in the communities.  Yoli has extensive experience teaching women’s health in a variety of different settings, so we are working to meld her experience and interactive teaching style with our existing materials to create a course tailored to each of our communities.

In order to evaluate our women’s health course and updated curriculum, we are implementing pre-tests and post-tests to track how effective our curriculum is and tweak it as time goes on.  In Paya’, Paquip, and Chichimuch, I did one-on-one interviews and quizzes with the women who are participating in our first round of classes.  It’s been a lot of fun, since I have not only been giving the pre-tests but also taking the opportunity to chat about their hopes for the classes and what they think is important for women’s health.

Many stories have emerged–some hilarious and some heartbreaking.  One woman shared that during her first pregnancy, no one explained to her what it meant to give birth.  Up until the day her labor pains started, she expected her grandmother to show up stork-like with the baby in her arms–and it was quite a surprise when, between contractions, her older sister told her what she would have to do instead.  Another woman in her 60s commented that her parents used to hide all the children from the health center workers when they would come to give vaccines and teach about health. This woman went on to study to become a midwife and help many women in her community.