2012 Annual Report


We are happy to announce the publication of our 2012 Annual Report to Donors and Supporters! The report is now available for download from our website here.

This report was made possible by the hard work of many volunteers, staff members, and board members who volunteered to sift through photos and reflect on the successes and challenges of the past year in writing. We are especially grateful to Emily Tummons and Andrea Mooney, who spent a great deal of time copy editing the report. Additionally, Erich Hehn help guide us through the layout and design process.

The report is designed to provide a general orientation to what we were up to last year. By no means is it an comprehensive summary of all of the great work being done by all the Wuqu’ Kawoq | Maya Health Alliance staff and volunteers. However, it is meant to draw your attention to some of the things that are new for 2012, as well as project areas that we are particularly excited about.

We hope that, as you read the report, you will experience the same sense of pride and accomplishment that we have about this great work that we all–volunteers, donors, supporters, and staff–are doing together to transform one small corner of the world.

To get you started, here is the opening letter of the report from our Executive Director Anne:

A year of change, 2012 provided us with great insight about our programs and services. As an organization deeply rooted in our communities, we found it especially important to listen to our communities and collaborate with them in order to understand their needs. We are using that knowledge to create innovative solutions and strategies for long term transparency and sustainability.

Our complex care program, which provides help to patients with serious illnesses like advanced cancer, has been extremely successful at integrating care for individuals in rural communities with medical facilities in Guatemala City. Just as important is our network of dedicated volunteers that has been vital in raising specific funds for complex patients. For example, through our Steps for Health program, volunteers raised money to help save lives. This past year we were fortunate to partner with two groundbreaking nutrition organizations, Edesia and Nutriset, to undertake a large community based study on child nutrition in Guatemala, which will impact the direction of our nutrition programming in 2013. We also welcomed Jillian Moore as our intern, and she will conduct new research on environmental health impacts.

We are excited to welcome several new board members who bring great talent and motivation to our team: Patrick Jennings, Michelle McCarthy and Tom Melvin. We are also extremely thankful to our co-founder and board president, Emily Tummons, for her many years of incredible service since 2007. Emily is transitioning from her board role and taking a place on our Advisory Board.

Thank you for your incredible, selfless support. Your support changes lives and communities in Guatemala.