Indigenous Languages and Technology


I had the pleasure of participating this week on a very exciting panel at South By Southwest on the future of the use of new online technologies in indigenous languages. Wuqu’ Kawoq | Maya Health Alliance has worked hard to advocate for the use of Mayan languages in the delivery of health care and other human services, both because we want to improve health care outcomes and also because we want to help preserve these valuable languages and cultures.

There are lots of great new opportunities to use technology to improve access to essential services for indigenous languages around the world, and this panel brought together experts in a diverse range of languages–such as Mayan languages, Irish, and Basque–to discuss the possibilities for collaboration.

The panel discussion was very well attended, and there was a very lively Twitter feed going on during the talk, which can be viewed in its entirety here.

Also, the slides from our presentation are archived on our document site here and can be viewed at any time.

Matyöx chiwe.