Disaster Averted!

Eduard, before treatment

A few weeks ago, I had an encouraging visit to our Bocacosta clinic, where are staff are doing a fantastic job of working with the women’s cooperative in the community! The great strength of these community collaborations is apparent when you see examples of “disaster averted”.

Here’s the example which is currently in my mind. I got a call from one of our social workers that they had gone to see a mother with a baby that had been born just a few days before. There were concerns, because the birth had been complicated and the mother had been hospitalized for a few days. Indeed, when the social worker when to visit, it was clear that mom was still not making any milk, and that the baby was losing weight rapidly.

After a brief phone call, we were able immediately to initiate our standard protocol for use in these situations. The social worker immediately went to purchase milk formula for the baby, and we began supplementing (along with continuing to encourage mother’s milk) right away. As a result, the baby immediately began to gain weight, and the mother is reporting that he is looking healthier every day. So proud to be a part of this team!