Women’s Health Clinic This Week

Monday and Tuesday this week we are having a Women’s Health Clinic in our Bocacosta clinic. Dr. Peter Rohloff and Harvard 4th year medical students Sarah Messmer and Sarah Nelson will be assisted by our highland nurse Sandy and highland women’s health educator Yoli, along with our two Social Workers Mayra and Catarina from the bocacosta and Anita Chary, our research coordinator helping with intake.

We are expecting between 50-70 women from our bocacosta communities today and tomorrow. This is part of our expansive women’s health program to provide STI screenings and papanicolau for all interested women. We also provide information on women’s health and family planning during the consult. These clinics go hand in hand with a broader women’s health course that we are providing in all of our communities for women covering topics such as the human body, menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, specific cancers for women, sexually transmitted infections, family planning and domestic violence.