Teaming with Watsi and Shalom Foundation to Help Ferlandy


Some of the cases we take care of are fairly straightforward, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t equally rewarding and important.

Take the case of Ferlandy, a young man with a hydrocele, a painful collection of fluid inside the scrotum. Typically this is not a life-threatening condition, but it can lead to significant discomfort and disability. Additionally, in Guatemala, it can be hard to get simple surgeries like this done, especially for children, because waiting lines and medication shortages in the public hospitals are overwhelming and because there is a shortage of pediatric surgeons.

However, thanks to our partnership with the Shalom Foundation, we have access to high quality pediatric surgeons several times per year. Ferlandy is home now recuperating, and we are very grateful to the Shalom Foundation for their help with the case!
Thanks also to Watsi for funding this case!