Kate is Running to Help Gabriel!


Hi, I am Kate and I am running a 5K on January 27 to raise money for a brave young man. Gabriel is a 19 year old from a very rural Kaqchikel speaking municipality.  He recently had a “psychotic break”. Maya Health’s docs evaluated it and found him to be paranoid and an acute danger to himself and to others. They hospitalized him, where he was formally diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Now he is on medication but is home and doing well.

He is functioning at a high level, working in the fields, etc. He has several things going for him that suggest a good prognosis – including response to medication, acute onset of the illness (people with lingering insidious symptoms do worse), presence of mostly positive symptoms (e.g. paranoia, hallucinations, as opposed to negative symptoms like social withdrawal).  And perhaps most importantly, his family is supportive.

He needs our because the medications that are required to control his schizophrenia are not cheap, and he needs help with transportation from a rural setting for psychiatric followup periodically. His medications are about $25 per month, and another $25 for travel.  I am trying to raise enough money to cover his treatment for two months. Can you help?

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