Inauguration of the Miller Clinic and Sylvan Lake Rotary Club Community Building

A student gives a powerful speech at the inauguration about Guatemala and hope for the future.

Over the last few years, many wonderful donors have supported Wuqu’ Kawoq’s vision of a clinic space for our coastal communities. Large donations from the Diocese of Western Washington and from linguist Dr. Ryan Bennett, in honor of his grandmother helped us secure the final funds needed to build the clinic. Clinic Miller is name after his grandmother Lola Miller. The clinic has two large patient examination rooms and a large storage closet for medical supplies, nutritional supplements and medicine. One of the exam rooms also has a space for a laboratory.

Through the support of CIP, Rotary International and the Sylvan Lake Rotary Club of Alberta, Canada we have completed the second phase of construction and completed the Sylvan Lake Rotary Club Community Building. This building is unique and separate from the clinic. It creates a safe space that is always open to the community for their use. The communities in our catchment area are now able to use the building for their events, town hall meetings, and classes. The Sylvan Lake Rotary Club Community building has made it possible for community members to have a meeting place with a roof, electricity and a restroom. A common meeting building has never been available to our coastal communities.

Entrance to Clinic Miller.

Through the construction of the clinic and community building, we were able to work in collaboration with the communities, the local government and national government highway authorities to improve the sewer system.

In September, the communities organized an inauguration for the clinic and community building. This inauguration gave us the opportunity to unite community members to celebrate the completion of a dream many years in the making. In attendance were officials from local government and schools and hundreds of community members. There were speeches, traditional dances, and food. The activity was organized by Wuqu’ Kawoq’s regional staff and by the local women’s action community that is in charge of running this clinic and its associated activities. The women’s committee formed in response to women’s empowerment initiatives made possible from CIP/Rotary.