Half Marathon for Dialysis!


Have you ever gotten sick while away from home?  It’s miserable!  Maria Esperanza, a stay at home mom in Guatemala, has been living in our clinic in Santiago Sacatepéquez, while fighting kidney failure.  Her 15 year old son is living with her at the clinic, and the person in charge of managing her dialysis.  They are far away from their home near the coast.

Peritoneal dialysis is a potentially permanent solution to failed kidneys, extending life for perhaps 10 years or more, and buying time to potentially identify transplant options.

Our friend Miranda has decided to run a half-marathon and dedicate it to Maria Esperanza and her family.  If Miranda raises $1,000, we will be able to construct an adequate space in Maria’s home for the dialysis to occur, and provide the medicine and training that she needs.

Please help Miranda reach her goal, and get Maria and her family back home again!

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