Puente: Bridging the Gap


“Puente” translates to “bridge” – a fitting name for Wuqu’ Kawoq’s newest partnership with Friendship Bridge. For the majority of rural, indigenous women, there are currently no opportunities to address their own health needs. This is why we joined with Puente de Amistad to create a program focusing on women’s health in a manner that is accessible both economically and culturally.

Our nurses are a bridge, spanning between these female patients and their health care services: performing mobile clinics in patients’ homes, offering packages of care that include cervical cancer screening, pregnancy tests, STD testing, breast cancer screening, as well as hypertension and diabetes testing. In our first two weeks, we performed more than 100 cervical cancer screening and 110 diabetes tests, and expect to expand that reach substantially!

We are doing work that no one else is doing – providing care to vulnerable women, in a place where they feel safe and in their maternal language, so they can be empowered to understand their health and body. Cervical cancer is one of the number one killer of women here, due to the lack of cervical cancer screening options, we are making that change! (Help me with this paragraph)

Join us as we #bridgethegap between rural women and health care with our new program!