WK Recognizes Exceptional Donor, Ryan Bennett and the New Socorro Clinic


Wuqu’ Kawoq was fortunate to recently receive a very generous donation from U.C. Santa Cruz Ph.D Linguistics Student, Ryan Bennett! This donation will allow us to break ground and begin construction on a permanent clinic facility on the coast in Socorro, Suchitepéquez.

Socorro is the first community where Wuqu’ Kawoq provided child nutrition programs, primary healthcare, social services, and a water filtration program.  However, this care has always been provided out of the home of one of our community volunteers because this community in particular is a long drive from our central O’Brien Clinic (Clinica O’Brien).  Recently, the volume of patients from Socorro and the surrounding area as grown immensely, as well as our needs for Mother-Child care, which led us to look into building our own facility in this area. It is also a dream the community has shared with us from the beginning.

Previously we purchased the land in Socorro to build the clinic and we have been working to bring electricity and water to the area.  With Bennett’s generous donation we will now be able to complete our final budget on construction costs and hope to clear the land of vegetation and break ground within a couple of weeks! Our original funding to start this project came from many generous donations through our Global Giving campaign and a donation from St. John’s Catholic Church in Urbana-Champaign, IL.

Ryan spent time this past March working in Guatemala with Robert Henderson from WK’s Advisory Board on linguistic studies. Ryan stayed in our central Clinica O’Brien in Santiago, Sacatepéquez for much of his stay.  Upon being asked to elaborate on how he came to donate to WK, Bennett replied:

“I decided to donate to Wuqu’ Kawoq because I believe in their basic philosophy. WK recognizes that public health programs are most effective when communities are approached on their own cultural and linguistic terms. Having seen WK’s Santiago clinic firsthand this past March, I have tremendous respect for the way they work in tandem with community members when providing care – not to mention their work ethic, their dedication, and so on.

WK has graciously agreed to name their new clinic in Socorro after my grandmother, Lola. I was able to make this donation because my grandmother, who passed away in January, provided generously for her grandchildren in her will. This donation is my way of honoring the generosity that she had, in both life and death, by supporting an organization that I know she would have supported herself.”

Wuqu’ Kawoq would like to extend our immense gratitude to Bennett and his grandmother for helping to put the new Clinica Lola into action.  We are very excited to expand and improve our healthcare services in the region.

Stay posted for more exciting news on the construction of the Clincia Lola to come!