“Kab’lajuj Ey”: Kaqchikel language field school


Week Two of Kab’lajuj Ey began today in Tecpan, Guatemala. Five Kaqchikel Maya language students, all from the US, have been enjoying practicing their Kaqchikel with three native Kaqchikel-speaking teachers: Magda, Maria Carmela, and Filiberto. Each day, students participate in immersive conversations, one-on-one pronunciation drills, and intensive group activities, complete with games and songs.

Last week, classes were held in San Juan Comalapa. Click on the photo below to browse through our Facebook photo album from this past week.

Mary Grace and Meghan practice greeting each other in Kaqchikel, helped by their teacher, Filiberto.


This week, WK staff member Florencio Cali and his family are generously hosting KE daily classes in their home. Just like last week, this week all students are living with Kaqchikel families, diving into the immersion experience.

Meghan and her teacher, Magda, practice uvular glottalized ejectives.


Plans are in place to take the students and teachers on a field trip this Thursday to walk among the ruins of the ancient Kaqchikel capitol, Iximche’. Stay tuned for more updates!