Miranda’s Update


–contributed by WK Intern Miranda Greiner

The first draft of a heart health manual is nearing completion with the collaboration of Comunidad Lingüística Kaqchikel (CL Kaqchikel). The manual has been culturally adapted to the patient population in rural Guatemala. Neologisms, or new words in Kaqchikel, are incorporated throughout this manual. This manual serves as a key educational tool and all seven classes are be conducted in Kaqchikel. Classes are being held all this month with a select group of health promoters to further evaluate the content and finalize the materials.

This is a pivotal moment for our diabetic patients and their families. The classes provide education on diabetes and the related adverse effects of this chronic illness. Along with our work on heart health educational materials, we continue to offer treatment to our diabetics. A long-time friend and patient, Dominga, has her diabetes in control and now enters each consult with a smile and details how much better she feels after beginning her insulin treatment. It’s not only our patients who are experiencing more positive outlooks on diabetes. Our health promoters working within each community have been enthusiastic about the developments in the diabetes treatments and education.