FedEx Grant Provides Support to Needy Children


Wuqu’ Kawoq is proud to announce that a collaborative project designed to target more than 800 children under two years of age with supplementary nutrition has been funded by the FedEx Corporation.

The project, which will reach all children under the age of two in the towns of San Antonio Palopó and Santa Catarina Palopó, is designed to prevent an epidemic of malnutrition in this vulnerable population in the wake of Tropical Storm Agatha and several other natural disasters that occurred in the summer of 2010 and resulted in widespread crop and home loss.

All eligible children will receive supplementary nutrition with Nutributter and periodic growth monitoring. The program is scheduled to begin recruiting children in late 2010.

In addition to the generous support of FedEx, the project has also garnered the support of several individual donors, the Rotary Club of Guatemala Sur, American Airlines, and the Ministry of Health. Strong collaborations between Wuqu’ Kawoq and Link for Health and Edesia were responsible for the project’s conceptualization and successful funding.

Thank you to all our supporters!