See you soon!


posted by Nicole Henretty

Last week was our last week in Paya’, and we got to see the culmination of our work there this summer. We observed the comitee of mothers as they spent one day in each of Paya’s three sectors, weighing and measuring the children, testing for anemia, giving out Chispitas, and teaching their first capacitación on anemia.

Elva and Roselia measuring a child

Cristalina weighing a baby with the new hanging scale

Gabina observing Elvia perform an anemia test

One of the mothers with Chispitas

Because we were so inspired but these women and the work they are doing, we would like to tell you a little about each and give a face to the committee.

From left to right: Elva, Cristalina, Roselia, Elvia, & Gabina

Elva is the sweetheart of the group; she is very welcoming and always makes sure everyone is all right. She can be a little shy, but when it is her turn to do something, she takes charge!

Cristalina is one of the youngest and has yet to be married or have children of her own but she is a great addition to the group and all of the kids love her. She is very motivated and loves to learn about anything. She organizes the data that the women collect during weigh-ins and is a wiz at the computer!

Roselia is the boss. She organizes the comité and brings all the women together. Everyone looks up to her and while she can be tough when she needs to be, she has a heart of gold. Sometimes during lessons she was very quiet, seeming inattentive, but she knew the answer to every question we had!

Elvia is the jokester of the group; she always makes everyone around her laugh. She is also very hands-on and had no problem taking up the job as anemia-tester!

Gabina is a midwife by training, and although she is getting up there in years, she still has great amounts of energy! The kids love her and often she watches over them during classes and clinics.

After the last capacitación, they cooked everyone a big meal to say thank you and goodbye… but it wasn’t a goodbye for us, just see you (very) soon!

The comitee are well prepared to teach classes once a month for the next 5 or 6 months as well as counsel mothers who have basic questions about nutrition and health. To wrap up the summer from our end, we are editing and improving all of the materials used in these classes and hope to eventually turn them into a published resource to use in all of the communities where we work.