San Jose Poaquil and Paquip


We went to San Jose Poaquil, first stopping by the albergue in Sacitacaj, where health seems to be generally stable since we visited last week. Subsequently, we were off to Caserio Nuevo, a large and very isolated aldea which had requested our presence. We were assisted there by a very enthusiastic Peace Corps volunteer who has been living in the community for over a year.

The core community itself sustained only minor damage from the storm; however, some 6 kilometers of water piping were wiped out, and the local estimate is that water will not be restored for some 3 months. As a result, we saw quite a bit of diarrheal illness. We will be working over the next week or so to assist the community with some temporary emergency water plans.

In Paquip, components of the emergency water system were installed, and the engineering team began scouting and designing for the permanent replacement system as well as advising on a new flood water management ditch being excavated in the center of town.