Medical care Paquip


Yesterday we were in Paquip, where we saw about 80 patients. Water has been restored to one half of the community, but the other half remains without water as the water pipe traversed a region between the two communities where the landslide occurred. In addition to breaking the tube, the landslide injected mud and sand into the downhill portion of the tube, essentially clogging most of the water pipe in that half of the village. In preparation for a visit from EWB engineers, our team gathered some more data on the water system and discussed potential solutions with members of the local water committee.

Regarding medical care, virtually 100% of the patients seen were suffering from acute diarrheal illness, which underscores the need to get water back on line. Restoring running water to half of the community is the first step. Additionally, last week we provided Q Beta filters to those who lost their homes. However these steps are not sufficient, and restoring water to the other half of the village is urgently needed. We are eagerly awaiting our week-long visit with the EWB volunteers this coming week.

We also were visited by the team from the department of psychology at the Universidad del Valle, who provided a brief teaching session on anxiety reduction techniques to a group of assembled patients. We hope to coordinate more sessions like this in coming weeks.

Dr. Cohen, a volunteer physician from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital joins us today and will be with us into next week.