Updates from Santa Catarina


Today we organized the site visit to Santa Catarina Palopo by the engineers from the Universidad del Valle. We took a much more extensive tour of the damage than last week – and it is much worse than it appeared at first glance. 64 homes completely destroyed. We may post more video/photos of this later, although this is probably not necessary at this point. We took several hours to interview many of the families affected at had the privilege of being invited into their homes to survey damage to walls and other other support structures. Subsequently we had an excellent meeting with the alcadia and agreed that the engineers would focus on a general site assessment to help prioritize reconstruction efforts and to facilitate a longer term collaboration with del Valle, ourselves, and others.

Finally late this evening the water filters from Guatemala arrived in Santa Catarina. We were able to distribute water filters to all 64 affected families, with the help and collaboration of Bombas de Guatemala and the municipal leadership of Santa Catarina. Thanks also to our visitors from the Universidad del Valle who happily worked late into the night assembling filters.