Updates from Panajachel


Yesterday our Biosand filter team arrived from the coast with their equipment. Thanks to a collaboration with Mayan Families, they are safely housed and have a good place to work. Several albaniles from Mayan Families and perhaps other organizations will be working with our team to learn the process of making Biosand filters. This solution is not an immediate cure to the water ills that plague us here on the Lake post-Agatha, as the filters take a few weeks to make. However, they are easy to construct and have a very long life; our thought is that they will provide a medium to long-term solution in areas where the water infrastructure remains off-line for a long time. At the same time, several groups on the Lake will have the opportunity to learn how to construct and use these filters. The strategy is meant to complement urgent water efforts, such as the Q Beta filters that we have been distributing in targeted areas.