Updates from Tecpan disaster relief meeting


This evening we attended the daily meeting of the emergency relief council in the municipality. There was much talk about the logistics of food distribution and the maintenance of the shelters. The army is helping with logistics.

Some of the valuable information that we learned: Most of the road access to aldeas has been reestablished; Chijacinto and Chicapir are the only aldeas that still do not have passable roads. Attendees commented that the aldeas of Paraxquin, Tesoro, and Pamesul have
not received much help yet.

The number of families over the weekend in the central Tecpan shelter was 42; today some have returned to their homes and only 24 remain.

The municipal sector most affected by the storm was La Giralda. Numbers for this sector are as follows: 39 house destroyed; 88 houses in comprised locations; 49 houses that need cleaning and removal of mud; 8 houses with only minor damages. Sanitation: 95 families with drainaged and 69 without. Potable water: 140 families without water and 19 who have water service restored.