Updates from Saquitacaj (San Jose Poaquil) and Santa Apolonia


Today we met up with the priest from Santa Apolonia who has been helping with water filter distribution and other activities. He took us on a
brief tour of the damage, which is relatively limited, however several destroyed homes and many at risk of future damage due to the pattern in which
they are been encroached upon by landslides. There are a number of affected families who are suffering from health consequences, and we will be visiting them
on Saturday to perform some basic medical care

Travelling past Santa Apolonia, we arrived in San Jose Poaquil, where we met up with an enthusiastic Peace Corp volunteer who had called us to ask for
assistance in Saquitacaj, an aldea of San Jose Poaquil were 15 families lost their homes. We visited the school which is serving as their relief shelter
and distributed the remainder of the water filters that we had apportioned to this area.