Agatha 6-4-10 – Various Updates


Work updates (6/4/10): We have been working closely with Neo-Ethicals Pharmaceuticals in Mixco to obtain and distribute quantities of medications to communities in need. Many thanks for their efforts to provide rapid turn-around and low-cost solutions in the face of crisis.

Work updates (6/4/10): Rotary International and the Rotary Club of Guatemala Sur have donated a number of Q Beta water filters. These filters will go to communities in the central Highlands this weekend. Many thanks to the Rotary for its consistent and helpful work in Guatemala.

Work updates (6/4/10). WK staff gave an interview (in Kaqchikel and Spanish) to Radio Roco in Solola yesterday in which they shared information with listeners obtained from our fact-finding missions and solicited assistance. The interview will be posted here soon.