Agatha 6-3-10 – Various Updates


Updates from the field (6/3/10). San Jose Poaquil: According to information provided by the Ixim Acuala Association, 77 people were taken to the hospital; 45 adults and 73 children were evacuated; and 3 adults and 4 children found dead. 29 families are asking for houses. There is no water in either the villages nor the urban center. There 9 camps, 3 in the village of Chuacruz and 6 in the village of Chimixaya. People are in need of food, water, clothing, and medicine.

Updates from the field (6/3/10). San Martin Jilotepeque: In the village of Vega, 9 families lost their houses and 5 families that lost everything. This is the village that suffered the most damage. Moreover, there is no good access to the village because it is outlying (bordering Pachalum Quiche and San Juan Sacatepequez) and the roads were damaged as well. The people there currently do not have food and water. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Updates from the field (6/3/10). Comalapa: In the village of Paya there are 9 families that lost everything. The Paquip village is also asking for help. Water, food, and medicine are needed. 

Updates from the field (6/3/10). Tecpan: In one area of Tecpan the plumbing was damaged and there are about 70 people in need of water. They request 8 lengths of pipe to fix the water.