Agatha 6-2-10


Field staff surveying Tecpan and San Jose Poaquil have discovered that the damage has been worse than expected. San Jose Poaquil has been severely affected. Many are isolated without food or water. The aldeas most affected are Chimixaya, Saquitacaj, Hacienda Maria, each with more or less 60 families. In Santa Apolonia, there are about 50 families without food and other basic supplies.  In Tecpan, the aldea that suffered the most is Paquil, with some 75 families victimized. Other aldeas severely affected include: Panabajal–20 families, Chivaraval–20 families, Chuatzunuj–15 families, Pachali–20 families, Pueblo Viejo–20 families, La Giralda–50 families. Data is incomplete as many aldeas in these three municipalities are still out of communication. Our staff are working in Tecpan and San Jose Poaquil today to collected more information.