Midwife Training


Several of us had the opportunity to be together working in Guatemala in the weeks leading up to Semana Santa. This included the usual suspects such as myself and Anne Kraemer, but we also had a return visit from Pat O’Brien from the Sylvan Lake Rotary Club, who is helping us to pursue some infrastructure solutions in Pa K’in. Part of this has involved looking at properties and engaging in fierce price negotiations. This is not the most enjoyable part of our job, but it is very nice to see how excited community members are at the prospect of having “our own” space.

For my own part, I was in country for just over three weeks, and I had the opportunity not only run the usual clinics (two in Socorro, two in Tecpán, two in Chiq’al, two in Pa K’in), but also to just some business done – community meetings, strategizing with the ACOTCHI board of directors, meeting with physicians and other interested parties. The highlight was being able to spend one day hanging out in midwife training without any duties other than picture taking. Some of these are included here.

Erika teaching the class

Following along in the Libros para Parteras text

Lots of joking

Role-playing patients interviews

It is high summer in Guatemala right now, which means hot days and cold nights. In Chiq’al and other highland towns, the bean crop is in flower, as can be seen here in these pictures taken outside the front door of the home of our friend and colleague Magda.